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Mountain House Youth Football & Cheer League



The organization is known as Mountain House Stallions Youth Football & Cheer League (MH Stallions). The organization exists exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501[c] 3 of The United States of Revenue code. MH Stallions shall remain non profit, non commercial, nonpartisan, and secular, in nature. The MH Stallions is not sponsored by the Lammersville Unified School District, Lammersville Unified School District Elementary Schools or Mountain House High School.


MH Stallions mission is to promote the growth of youth football of all levels of competition for the greater Mountain House Community. The development of sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, courage, respect for authority, and physical fitness are the organization’s priorities. In order to accomplish this mission, we seek to attain the following objectives:

1. To govern the league in a manner that puts the development of our players, as both athletes and people, above other considerations.

2. To provide our players with volunteer coaches who work with players of all levels and who remember that winning games is secondary to the development of the players and to providing our players with positive role models and a positive football and cheer experience, with no favoritism.

3. To provide our players with volunteer coaches who seek to teach the rules, and fundamentals of football and the art of cheer and performance.

4. To provide safe quality facilities and equipment for the use of our players.

5. All members of the MH Stallions will report any child abuse and or child molestation to law enforcement, failure to do so you will be reported to the proper authorities.

6. There will be no alcohol or tobacco use during practices, games and or board meetings. This is grounds for immediate removal from the league.

7. No firearms are permitted at games, practices or other league sponsored events unless it's an on duty law enforcement official.

8. The MH Stallions has a zero tolerance for verbal threats, fighting, social media bullying or slander towards a person or persons.

9. First Offense: Warning.

10. Second Offense The parent or board member and child will be removed and suspended for the remainder of the season. A review will occur to allow for return. NO REFUNDS




Any child meeting the age requirements for one of MH Stallions leagues (see Article IV),

ARTICLE IV: Divisions, Age and Weight Requirements  (Dependent on league acceptance)

MH Stallions will operate the following Divisions:

1. Register both boys and girls meeting the indicated age and weight requirements for football and cheer that are determined as of July 31st current season year.

2. Birth certificate and photo will be kept in an electronic file and in a binder for the coaches’ book.

3 There will be no switching once you are designated to a team division

Football Program

Junior Novice / Pee-Wee - 8u : (40 per team max) 7-8 year old and under/ weight restrictions for positions apply

Novice / Rookies: (40 per team max) 9-10yrs old / weight restrictions for positions apply

Junior Varsity: (40 per team max) 11-12yrs old / weight restrictions for positions apply

Varsity: (40 per team max) 13-14yrs old / weight restrictions for positions apply

 Cheer Program

Novice - (15 per level, max)  7-10 year old and under

Varsity - (15 per level, max)  11-14 year old and under

*If a cheer team grown beyond 15 registrations, MH Stallions will review splitting this level into two teams (ie Jr Novice and Novice)



The Co-Presidents along with the Football / Cheer Director shall identify persons to serve as head coaches and assistant coaches. The head coach of any MH Stallions team must be 18 years of age or older prior to the season starting. In order to coach any MH Stallions team you must give authorization and submit to a background check and online certification. The results of which must be found acceptable to the MH Stallions board. A person under the age of 18 years of age may serve as assistant coach. However, at any practice, game, or other team event, at least one person who is a least 18 years of age, has submitted to a background check and has been approved by the MH Stallions Board of Directors, must be present.

1. Eight Coaches per team including the Head Coach (max).

2. Head Coaches will go through an interview process conducted by MH Stallions Board.

3. All Coaches will adhere to the guidelines set by East Bay Youth Football & Cheer (governing league).

4. Violation of MH Stallions / league rules will result in suspension/expulsion from MH Stallions. Reinstatement is at the discretion of the MH Stallions.

5. All Coaches will complete the USA Coaches Certification and turn in the certification to MH Stallions Board.

6. Head Coaches will sign for and be responsible for all issued equipment and return all equipment at end of the season.

7. Failure to return your issued equipment can and will lead to legal action.

8. No coach will discipline a player for non MH Stallions activities (ie. behavior at school).

9. A First Aid kit will be on the field at all times.

10. Practices are 120 minutes. This includes any conditioning, and end of practice meetings. (i.e. Start Time is 6:00 Players off the Field 8:00.) No Exceptions.

11. All players must have all necessary equipment to participate in contact drills and or scrimmages. A player missing any items cannot participate. (i.e. mouthpiece).

13. If practice is canceled by the board you cannot resume practice unless the board has given you the permission to practice. (Failure to do so will result in disciplinary actions up to a suspension and or removal from the league).

14. A medical release form must be signed by a licensed physician prior to the player's participation from medical care and filed by the board secretary and placed in coaches’ books.


General members of the MH Stallions include, but are not necessarily limited to:

1. Parents and guardians of player members.

2. Coaches of teams participating in MH Stallions leagues.

3. Members of MH Stallions Board.

The executive committee may, by a simple majority vote, suspend, expel, or terminate the membership of any MH Stallions whenever, in its judgment, such action serves MY Stallion's best interest. Any such action taken by the MH Stallions board shall be justifiable, without prejudice, and with cause. Before any such action, the following provisions shall be observed:

1. The member in question shall be contacted and notified of alleged charges by the league commissioner and/or a member of the MH Stallions Executive Committee.

2. A preparation and precautionary period of not less than 72 hours from the time of notification until the time and date set for hearing shall occur. The hearing shall include the commissioner(s) of any league(s) involved, the MH Stallions Executive Committee and any persons invited by the MH Stallions executive committee. If the hearing involves a minor under the age of 18 years, (as of the date of the hearing) that minor’s parents or legal guardian shall be advised of and allowed to participate in such hearing.




The Board of Directors shall govern the league. The MH Stallions Board shall be comprised of the following members:

Mountain House Stallions Youth Football and Cheer (MH Stallions)


1. Co – President (Operations)

2. Co- President (Football Strategy)

3. Athletic Director

4. Cheer Director

5. Football Advisor

6. Royal Kings Advisor (parent organization)

7. Royal Kings Liaison (parent organization)

8. Member At-Large*

The Executive committee may also include at-large members, voted on by the MH Stallions Board.


MH Stallions shall make public notice of all open Board positions not less than 30 days prior to the regularly scheduled End of League Year Board Meeting. This Executive Committee shall nominate candidates for Board positions. On an Bi-Annual Basis, the Executive Committee shall present a list of nominees for positions to the Board at the regularly scheduled Board Meetings. If a Vacancy in a Board Position occurs at any other time during the year, the Executive Committee will provide one or more candidates to fill the vacancy(s) and shall present the list of nominees to the Board at a regularly Scheduled or Special Board Meeting. The Executive Committee may put forth one or more candidates for each Board Position. The consent of each candidate must be obtained before placing his or her name on the ballot.

BOARD ELECTIONS: The MH Stallions Board Elections shall occur at the regularly scheduled Year End Board Meetings and/or last game(s) played. Elections to fill board vacancies that occur at other times during the year may be held at any regularly scheduled or special MH Stallions board meetings. In order for any election to occur, a quorum of two-thirds (2/3) of all eligible voting Board members is required. Any elections involving two or more nominees shall be conducted by secret ballot. All Board Election results shall be determined by simple majority votes. If no candidate in an election among more than two candidates receives a simple majority of votes cast, a “run-off” election shall be held between two candidates who receive the highest vote totals in the original election. Ballots in all elections shall be counted by the President of operations. If the president of operations is a candidate in any election, the ballots for that election, the President shall select a board member who is not a candidate in that election to count the ballots for that election.

TERM OF OFFICE: Terms of office for each position shall begin at the conclusion of the election for that position and shall continue for two seasons.

BOARD MEETINGS: Regular Board Meetings shall be held on a monthly basis at a location to be determined by the MH Stallions President or Proxy. The purpose of regular board meetings shall be to conduct any administrative and financial business of MH Stallions. The MH Stallions President of Operations will notify all board members of meeting times and locations and will email the agenda, preferably not less than one week in advance of each regularly scheduled meeting.

Regular and or special meetings shall follow the following general order/agenda:

1. Roll call - 5mins

2. Approve previous board meeting’s minutes- 5mins

3. Treasurer - printed financial report - 5mins

4. Football President - 10mins

5. Cheer director - 10mins

6. Equipment/Sponsorship/Website update- 10mins

7. MH Stallions President- 10mins

8. Q/A - 10mins

9. Meeting Summary/Action Items 10mins

10.Adjournment - The President may add other categories to the agenda as he or she deems necessary.

Members of the public may attend and are not required at any regularly scheduled MH Stallions Board meetings. The dates of such meetings will be publicized on the MH Stallions web site and or Social Media Site not less than ten days before the meeting’s scheduled date. The Board may request the public to leave a meeting when it votes by a two-thirds majority to meet in executive session. The president or any group of board members consisting of one-third (1/3) of the MH Stallions  Board may call a special meeting. All board members must be made aware of such a meeting. Attendance at special meetings, unless otherwise specified, is limited to members of the MH Stallions Board and anyone else specifically invited by the executive committee to attend. Any administrative or financial business of the MH Stallions may be conducted at a special meeting.

Attendance by MH Stallions board of director members is required at all regularly scheduled meetings. Members unable to attend for any reason will need to have their proxy fill in and contact the president and secretary before starting the meeting.

Beginning with the fourth (4th) meeting of the term, if a Board member has missed more than 50 percent of the regularly scheduled meetings since the beginning of the term, his or her voting privileges will be suspended until such time as he or she has attended more than half of the meetings for the term. Beginning with the sixth (6th) month of the term, the other eligible voting members may suspend or dismiss any member of the board of directors who has missed more than 50 percent of the regularly scheduled meetings since the beginning of the term.

BOARD ELECTION VOTES: In order for any vote, other than elections of board members, to be binding a quorum of a simple majority of eligible voting members is required. Two-thirds of eligible voting members should be present in order for elections to be valid. No voting by absentee ballot or proxy should be allowed. The President of MH Stallions will vote only in a case of a tie vote. Any Board member holding more than one Board position shall be entitled to only one vote. If the President holds more than one Board position, he or she shall only vote once in case of a tie vote.

BOARD RESIGNATION: Any member of the Board may resign his or her position by notifying the board of their resignation in writing. Such resignations are effective immediately upon such notification.

BOARD DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS: Any member of the MH Stallions Board may be removed by the Executive Board by a vote of three fourths of the executive board whenever, in their judgment, the best interest for MH Stallions would be served by such action. Such removal must be with cause and without prejudice.

FILLING OPEN POSITIONS AND OPEN ELECTIONS: If a board position becomes open before the expiration of the term associated with that position, the executive committee may nominate replacement to fill the position. The Executive Committee may name a sitting board member to fill up to one additional board position until such time as the next election for that position occurs.

APPROVAL OF EXPENDITURES: A MH Stallions Board’s vote shall be necessary to approve any expenditure.


President of Operations / President of Football Strategy:

1. Will attend all regular meetings of the MH Stallions Board.

2. Set the agenda for all regular meetings of the MH Stallions Board.

3. Act as a Liaison to other organizations and agencies.

4. Work with MH Stallions Legal Counsel as necessary.

5. With approval of at least one other member of the executive committee, have authority to receive and disburse monies in the absence of the treasurer.

6. Serve as the head of selection committee for coaches

7. The past president shall be responsible for advising the new president of any other duties as determined by the MH Stallions.

8. The order of succession, should the president(s) leave or be dismissed from the board, shall be as follows: Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, Athletic advisor

9. Coordinate scheduling picture day, site and establishing the vendor.

6. Ensuring the Bylaws are kept updated when needed by the board.


1. Be responsible for keeping an accurate record (minutes) of each regular or special meeting of the MH Stallions Board.

2. Record the results of each roll call vote and maintain a record of all board members’ attendance at meetings.

3. Will ensure that all coaches books are accurate, complete and ready for certification.

4. Ensure that copies of MH Stallions Bylaws and league rules are available at each MH Stallions Board of Meeting.

5. In the absence of the Secretary in any meeting, the President (or presiding officer) shall appoint another member of the board of directors to keep an accurate record (minutes) of the meeting.  

6. Organize all registration data for the database on the website.

7. Create an electronic parent roster to be kept in the president's/secretary’s folder.


1. Receive and account for all monies to MH Stallions.

2. Send yearly Financials to the IRS / Royal Kings parent organization

3. Maintain an accurate record of all MH Stallions financial transactions.

4. Prepare a presentation at all regularly scheduled monthly meetings a summary of MH Stallions  revenues and expenses on a year-to-date bases as well as a report of all available balances in MH Stallions bank accounts

5. Such Financial Statements must include, at a minimum, a balance sheet as of the most recent month and, year-to-date income statement for the fiscal year.

6. Pay expenditures authorized by The board with the president’s approval.

7. Work with the fundraising and sponsorship director in planning the collection of player fees, sponsorship fees, and fundraising monies.

8. Work with the equipment liaison on equipment needs and present for approval.

9. All sign-off sheets are annotated correctly, signed and the completed sheet scanned into the financial file folder for the corresponding Month and Year.

Secretary Safety Officer:

1. Will be AED, CPR and First Aide Certified.

2. Conduct safety inspections of all practices, equipment.

3. Ensure the proper tackling and blocking techniques are being taught and executed.

4. Ensure water consumption is being adhered to during all practices.

5. All players are properly equipped.

6. Inspect the field surfaces to ensure it is safe for players.

7. Keep the medical bag properly stocked with supplies.

8. Ensure all parents are at a safe distance from the action during practices.



1. All members of MH Stallions will report any child abuse and or child molestation to law enforcement, failure to do so you will be reported to the law enforcement.

2. There will be no alcohol or tobacco use during games or practices. This is grounds for immediate removal from games and the board.

3. No firearms are permitted at game, practices and board meetings unless it’s an On Duty Law Enforcement Official.

4. Parents or guardians are responsible for providing your child transportation to and from games and practice.

5. An appointed adult or guardian must present if not the parent all for games.

6. Do not make a scene if you need to have a conversation with a coach. Take it offline and away from the team. (ie. after practice has concluded).

7. Violation of the Conduct Rules may result in the player and parent being expelled from the MH Stallions.

8. Handicap parking is reserved for the handicap Everyone else must park in a regular parking lot. No placard or designated handicap License plate you will be towed at your expense.

9. MH Stallions have a zero tolerance for verbal threats, fighting, social media bullying, slander and demeaning towards a person or persons.

1. First Offense: $100 Fine.

2. Second Offense $500 Fine. The parent or board member and child will be removed and may be applied for a lifetime BAN from the organization. NO REFUNDS.


ARTICLE XI  – Medical Requirements

1. All medical problems with a player must be disclosed on the registration form from the parent(s) or guardian.

2. Any medical devices such as inhalers must be with the coach in their first aid kit at all games.

3. A medical release form must be signed by a licensed physician prior to the player participation from medical care and filed by the board secretary and placed in coaches’ books.



The MH Stallions  board shall have power to make, adopt, alter, amend, and repeal, from time to time, bylaws of the organization.

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